Autorretrato a los 24 años.
J.A. Dominique Ingres:
Selfportrait at 24 Years Old .

  • Biography:
         Ingres was born in Montauban. His father was a manager craftsman: it makes us understand his early artistic tastes. He learnt in conservative Toulouse; there he got a more strict and antique education, but it was anyway extraordinary.

         In 1797 he came in David's workshop, who immediately understood his exceptional capacities. Nevertheless, he would not get general recognition until reaching maturity. He lived with pain in Italy painting portraits and functional drawings. Every picture he sent to exhibition was negatively criticized.

  • Classic or Revolutionary?
         Along the History of Art, Ingres has been a misunderstood and bad classified painter. He has been barely studied because of the difficulties found in his work since it is not easily framed between the limits of a style. He has been often seen as a neoclassic . Nevertheless, we prefer introducing him as a "romantic of line" because of the features in his painting. Every possibility of Romanticism could be seen at David's workshop: the Romanticism of color and the Romanticism of line represented by Ingres.
         It can be surprising the fact that Ingres is one of the most well valued painters in 20th century art. He clearly influenced Picasso though it could seem surprising.
  • Outstanding works:
    J.A.D. Ingres: Napoleón imperator, 1806. J.A.D. Ingres, Napoleon Emperor, 1806, oil on canvas.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: La bañista de Valpiçon, 1808. J.A.D. Ingres, Bather at Valpiçon, 1808, oil on canvas, 146 x 97´5 cm, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Tetis implorando a Júpiter, c.1811. J.A.D. Ingres, Tetis Begging Jupiter, c.1811, oil on canvas.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: La gran odalisca, 1814. J.A.D. Ingres, Great Odalisca, 1814, oil on canvas, 91 x 162 cm, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: La fuente, c.1820-1856. J.A.D. Ingres, The Source, c.1820-1856, oil on canvas, 163 x 80 cm, Musée d´Orsay, Paris.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Delphine Ramel o Madame Ingres, 1859. J.A.D. Ingres, Delphine Ramel or Madame Ingres, 1859, oil on canvas, Oscar Reinhart Collection, Winterthur.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: El baño turco, 1862. J.A.D. Ingres, Turkish Bath, 1862, oil on canvas, 108 cm. diameter, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    With comment.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Busto de bañista J.A.D. Ingres, Bather's Bust, 1807, oil on canvas, Musée Bonnat, Bayonne.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Madame Antonia Devaucay de Nittis J.A.D. Ingres, Madame Antonia Devaucay de Nittis, 1807, oil on canvas, Musee Conde, Chantilly.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Odalisca y esclavo J.A.D. Ingres, Odalisca and Slave, 1839, oil on canvas, Fogg Art Museum, Massachusetts.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Mademoiselle Rivière J.A.D. Ingres, Mademoiselle Rivière, 1805, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Venus J.A.D. Ingres, Venus, 1848, oil on canvas, Musée Condé, Chantilly.
    J.A.D. Ingres: Vizcondesa Othenin d'Haussonville J.A.D. Ingres, Vizcountess Othenin d'Haussonville, 1845, 131.8 x 92 cm, oil on canvas, Frick Collection, New York.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Licentiate in Art History

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