C.D. Friedrich: Viajero frente al mar, 1818.
D.C. Friedrich, Traveller
in Front of the Sea,

  • A mystical Romantic:
         Friedrich is a main artist of pictorical german Romanticism. He learnt at Copenhague's Academy and travelled to different places in Germany. We can discover in his pictures a deep sensibility towards Nature. (That is a feature common to pictorical and also literary and even philosophical german Romanticism). Landscapes painted by Friedrich dealt with the North of Germany. Friedrich enjoys Nature, but he also reflects other subjects as human figure or religious belief.

         His landscapes are wonderful. A transparent and clear light comes out of them. Trees, hills and mountains are envelopped in a magic haze. Ambiances spread a religious mysticism as we can see in one of his most well-known pictures: Cross in the Mountain, exhibited in 1808. Spiritual symbolism is often represented in his production. His figures use to show their back to the spectator. In this way he makes us identify with these characters since we participate in his composition. Figures are painted in a lower scale than landscape. Creatures are small in comparison with immensity of Nature and omnipotence of its strenght.
    Outstanding works:

    C.D. Friedrich: Cruz en la Montaña, 1807-1808. C.D. Friedrich, Cross in the Mountain, 1807-1808, oil on canvas, 115 x 110 cm, Gemälde Gallery, Dresde.
    C.D. Friedrich: Abadía en el robledal, 1809-1810. C.D. Friedrich, Abbey in Oakwood, 1809-1810, oil on canvas, Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin.
    C.D. Friedrich:El mar de Hielo. C.D. Friedrich, Sea of Ice, c. 1823-25, 96.7 x 126.9 cm, oil on canvas, Schloss Kunsthalle, Hamburg.
    C.D. Friedrich: Riesengebirge. C.D. Friedrich, Riesengebirge, c. 1835, 73.5 x 102.5 cm, oil on canvas, Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
    C.D. Friedrich: El cementerio de Cloister nevado. C.D. Friedrich, Snowed Graveyard of Cloister, 1817-19, 121 x 170 cm, oil on canvas, Desappeared in 1945, copy from National Gallery, Berlin.
    C.D. Friedrich: Gran puesta de sol. C.D. Friedrich, Big Sunset, 1832, 73.5 x 102.5 cm, oil on canvas, Gemaeldegalerie, Dresden.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Licentiate in Art History

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