• A social critic.
         Daumier is a man with revolutionary ideas. Far from Millet, a conformist with the reality he lived, Daumier was critic and satirical. His modernity is extraordinary. In his painting he reflects reality in a rapid way, using a clever and expressive touch of brush.

         Daumier is one of the biggest promoters of caricature, a tool for composing biting critics to society. He colaborated in a humorous journal called Silhouette, and other magazines criticizing Luis Felipe de Orléans' governement. Because of that he suffered repression from newspapers and prison.

  • Outstanding works:
    H. Daumier: La lavandera, c. 1860. H. Daumier, Woman Washing, c. 1860, oil on wood, 25´5 x 19´7 cm, Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.
    With commentary.
    H. Daumier: El levantamiento, c. 1860. H. Daumier, The Rivolt, c. 1860, oil on canvas, 87´6 x 113 cm, Philips Collection, Washington, D.C.
    With commentary.
    H. Daumier: Tercera clase, c. 1863-1865. H. Daumier, Third Class, c. 1863-1865, oil on canvas, 65´4 x 90´2 cm, Metropolitan Museum, N.Y.
    With commentary.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Licenciada in History of Art

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