P. Signac: El palacio papal en Aviñón, 1900.
P. Signac, Papal Palace at Avignon, 1900,
oil on canvas, 73´5 x 92´5 cm,
Paris, Musée d´Orsay.

     Signac as been seen as a promoter and instigator of Pointillism. He discovered impressionists when he was 15. He departed from Monet though he came away from him.
Then he approached to Seurat. Signac were more extrovert than him, who feared that his own discoverings could be used and pirated. Signac was obsessed by the idea of getting an objectiv art.
At 1899 writes From Delacroix to Neoimpressionism, the work in wich Pointillism was based. He was an expert in colors very evaluated by later Vanguardism. He specially influenced Fauvism, particularly Matisse.
Pointillist touch of brush also influenced Futurism.

Written by:
Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
Licenciada in History of Art

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