Domus of Hilas (Italica), at Santiponce, Seville.
Planta la casa de Hilas
Plan of the house of Hilas

Another luxury house of Italica only partially excavated. Therefore its distribution is uncertain. Entry to the house is still discussed: the eastern side through a big hall or -less probable- the southern one.
Main peristylum was presided by a square fountain and one of its corridors was superior than the others -rhodian patio-. It was communicated with a triclinium, at the inferior level. The latter was pavimented with a mosaic representing four seasons at the front with another bigger triclinium: the main one with a mosaic representing tigers and surrounded by two patios.
From these patios there was the enetering to other rooms also pavimented with mosaics.
Patio at the northern side communicated through a staircase with a foreroom that gives access to a room decorated with the mosaic "Hilas", that gives name to the house. Rape of Hilas by Nymphes, presided by Hercules, is represented on it. Today this central theme is at the Seville Provincial Archaeological Museum and only surrounded geometric decorations remain at its original place.

Decoración geometrica del Mosaico del Rapto de Hilas
Geometric decoration of the Mosaic with the Rape of Hilas
Casa de Hilas
House of Hilas