Templo griego
Greek Temple
From 11th Century b.C. Greek expeditions began to colonize Mediterranean coasts: at Micenian age -1.100 to 900 b.C.- they were just sailors who visited ports in order to trade. From 8th to 6th Centuries b.C. colonization becomes more intense. It is due to demographic increase: therefore getting lands -a basic source of richness in Greek society- would be more difficult. This situation and economical necessity of getting new markets with new materials and precious metals provoked a great expansion of Greek towns.
At 7th Century Massalia -Marseille- Emporion -Empuries- and Rode -Rhodes- would be created. In the southern area they founded Hemeroskopeion, Denia nowadays.
Massalia becomes the most important port in this area, but other points for trading were necessary in the south. Thus Emporiom will be founded -a port for commercial use- in two moments: Paliapolis on an island, and later Neopolis on the coast, close to the Iberian village called Indike.
Rode was created in 5th Century b.C., tough we know prior references to it. Rode got commercial contacts with Massalia. The latter would be its rival at 4th Century b.C.
Greek colonies usually let Iberian tribes take part in every event in social life.
Nowadays, remains come only from deposit of Emporion and from big port of Rode.