Celtiberian tribes: Vaccei, Vetons, Carpetans, Olcades, Lusitanians, Celtics, Galaics, Asturs, Cantabrians, Basques, Autrigons, Caristians and Varduls, must be included in this area.
Celtic art are mainly projected in portable objects: weapons, crockery and vessels.
Architectural legacy of what we call "Celtic" culture is scarce, since Celctics never made neither great burial nor religious constructions. We just know about civil buildings as castra: small communities protected by a perimetral wall that gave people shelter from other tribes. Deposits in castra are numerous. The most important are:
  • Castro of Saint Tecla, in La Guardia (A Guarda), Pontevedra. BASIC INFORMATION
  • Also in Galicia:
    • Castro Borneiro, in Cabana de Bergantiņos, A Coruņa. Castro of Viladonga, Castro of Rei, A Coruņa. Castra of Mandia in Ferrol, A Coruņa. Castro of O Castelo, in Viana do Bolo, Ourense. Castro of Armeá in Allariz, Ourense. Castro of Maceira in Covelo, Pontevedra.

    Castro Borneiro
    Castro Borneiro
    Castro de Viladonga
    Castro of Viladonga
Castro de Las Cogotas
Castro of Las Cogotas